RAF Okehampton (Folly Gate)


Opened: 1928 - Closed: October 1945.


Information derived from RAF Squadrons (Jefford), RAF Flying Training & Support Units (Sturtivant et al), Military Airfields of Britain - South Western England (Delve) and other books.
N.B. (det) means only a part of the unit was detached to here from its main base, and possibly only for part of the period noted.

Bristol Fighter, Atlas, Audax, LysanderUsed for summer camps by Army Co-operation Sqdns up to 1939 e.g 13 & 16 Sqdns
B Flt 13 Sqdn4/5/2827/5/28Atlas
C Flt 13 Sqdn30/5/2823/6/28Atlas
A Flt 13 Sqdn23/6/2821/7/28Atlas
C Flt. 16 SqdnJune 192930/6/29Bristol Fighter
A Flt. 16 SqdnJuly 192924/8/29Bristol Fighter
16 SqdnMay 1930Sept 1930Bristol FighterEach Flight in turn for about 4 weeks each.
C Flt 13 Sqdn11/7/3026/7/30Atlas
B Flt. 16 SqdnJuly 1930July 1930Atlas
B Flt. 16 SqdnSept 1932Nov 1932Atlas
A Flt 13 Sqdn29/5/3314/6/33Audax
A Flt 13 Sqdn16/6/3319/7/33Audax
16 SqdnSummer 1935Summer 1935AudaxEach flight for a month in turn
B Flt 13 Sqdn17/5/3730/5/37
A Flt 16 Sqdnend June 1937Sept 1937Audax
16 Sqdn2/7/387/7/38Lysander
C Flt. 16 Sqdn25/5/3914/6/39Lysander
A Flt. 16 Sqdn14/6/391/7/39Lysander
225 Sqdn. (det)Summer 40Lysander II
16 Sqdn.3/8/4015/8/40Lysander I & II& occasional dets to Spring 1942
16 Sqdn.4/6/416/6/41Lysander III & IIIA
16 Sqdn.9/9/4111/9/41Lysander III & IIIA


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LysanderIII16 SqdnUG.LV9512Devon Aerodromes151R ?